Yoga + Beer @ OOBC

Yoga + Beer is back and better than ever!  Our instructor, Elly Horn, of Yoga Palace in Tacoma is beyond amazing.  She began her own yoga journey at the age of 18.  She believes that yoga is healing and rehabilitative.  She also believes that you lose something in that space of practice while gaining a new lense in which to view yourself, your life, and the other sweaty folks you are surrounded by.  Her countdown from three is the slowest, but more rewarding, you’ll ever experience.  Although this is not Bikram yoga, you will sweat your buns off and reach for your water throughout the class.  Her voice and music are just what you need to get your Saturday started.

The beer, or cider, at the end of class is sooooo rewarding and hydrating!  We are so happy to have Elly with us every Saturday morning to get us breathing and flowing.

Classes are filling up fast so reserve early to ensure you’ve got a spot!

Something new, and a bit exciting to our Yoga + Beer, is our punch card!  We now have a punch card that rewards you for getting bendy and craft beer-y!  Yes!  For every sixth class you attend you will get a full pint of our tasty craft beer or guest cider!  What can we say?  We love yoga and day drinking.

Come get bendy and odd with us!

***WARNING***  You may be sore after yoga + beer…  and that’s ok.  That means it worked.




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