Tacomites Take The Gold!

Hello, fellow beer nerds!

So, the Washington Beer Awards were this weekend (thank you again, to everybody who came out to show some Otter Love!) and we just wanted to take a moment to geek out about some of the amazing breweries we were lucky enough to celebrate with.

For those new to the Washington beer scene, the Washington Beer Awards are a craft beer competition meant to celebrate professional brewing excellence. This competition is the largest beer competition in the Northwest, meaning beer lovers from miles around get a chance to gather en masse and geek out together.

This year we are proud to announce that OOBC took home the gold for our Ottzel Quatzel Pale Ale (in the American Style Pale Ale category) all thanks to the wizarding genius of our head brewer, Greer Hubbard.

We’d also like to give out a shout out to Pacific Brewing & Malting Co. for their bronze winning 1897 Pale Lager, Dystopian State for their silver winning O.G. Farmhouse, and Harmon Brewing Company for their silver winning Flander Red. Downtown Tacoma Pride!

We met some really amazing people this year, and we’re so excited about getting the chance to geek out with so many fellow beer nerds.

So, here’s to you, our fellow craft beer aficionados and loyal Tacomites!


WA Brewers Festival

WA Brewers Festival

Come show your support for an awesome weekend of beer, music, (hopefully sunshine), and more more beer! Breweries will be coming from all over Washington State, but let’s make sure they know that 253 is the place to be. The Washington Beer Awards will be kicking off the event, and we’ve entered in with the best of the best. We’ll have a few of our beers on tap for the whole weekend as well as some sweet swag, so we hope to see you there! Click Here to see how to book your tickets