So why Odd Otter? Excellent question. “Odd” because … well, because we are indeed odd. And “Otter” because – make certain to follow the double negative here – no one doesn’t like an otter. These indigenous Northwestern aquatic mammals perfectly embody the silly, playful, shellfish-cracking energy that we bring to our beer. Our name was born out of a desire to reference not only our Pacific Northwest roots, but to also acknowledge our diverse, quirky, odd community.

At Odd Otter, we believe in the unifying power of beer to create meaningful, enjoyable, connective experiences. The very same unique, innovative beer that has brought us together from our various diverse backgrounds will allow us to create a place in which people can feel welcomed and connect while having one of our amazing beers. We can strengthen our community, have some laughs, and knock about a few pints all at the same time. How great is that?!

As much as possible, we patronize and utilize local businesses and services. Our Founders are part transplant and part native Northwesterners. We have already been embraced by our neighbors and our region in a profound, humbling manner. From our buildout to our environmental services, from our brewing equipment to our corporate identity, we reflect in our actions and choices our affection for the Pacific Northwest.

We have worked hard to bring you our otterly fantastic beers. Our adventure has included: an exhausting search to find you the perfect location in downtown Tacoma, several months (and over 12 tons-worth) of demolition and remodeling, and a roller-coaster Kickstarter campaign funded by our backers. And soon our adventure will include you.

Starting on Saturday, November 29th, we will be open Fridays and Saturdays from 11am-2am. Those hours are subject to expansion without notice, so keep checking back! Be part of Otter Nation with some of our very own Odd Otter gear. Get into the odd with us!

Keep up with our blog for news. Grab a pizza from our neighbor Cafe Vincero through their online take away ordering site – if you list your last name as “Otter” and your first name as your name, their food will be brought directly into our space. And who doesn’t want to be an Otter? 🙂 Bring your paws. Bring your pals. Bring your thirst. And most importantly: Bring your Odd.