Ottermelon is Back! And some other things …

Ottermelon Hefeweizen, that ray of sunshine that just illuminates your day and helps you find your way to a happier place, has returned! We’ve got a bunch of it too, so drink heartily.

We did, unfortunately, have a bit of a mishap here at the brewery though. Our glycol chiller unit broke down this past week, and as a result, we have lost approximately 750gal of beer due to fatally-flawing temperature changes. The Notteronsense IPA, Ottzel Quatzel, and Jolly Otter ESB were lost, and a portion of a batch of Ottermelon Hefeweizen was lost. It is tragic. It is sad. But we are moving through it.

The chiller unit is now repaired and chilling away again, and we’ve already re-brewed the Ottzel Quatzel which will be back in a couple of weeks. Notteronsense IPA is out at the moment, so we’ve put on the remaining stores of Classic Nonsense (the pre-glycol temperature control era IPA) at 1/2 price, and we’ve still got our insanely delicious Screeching Otter Double IPA on tap.

This is a tough one for us – that’s a lot of beer. We have plenty in our storehouses to keep the Tasting Room open, so don’t worry about that. Just keep on coming in and supporting us through this, and we’ll all get through it together!

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  1. May Bolibol
    May Bolibol says:

    The ottermelon is refreshingly delicious and my favorite low gravity beer. Thank you, OOBC, for crafting tasty brews.


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