Otter Raft 2016 (Pint Club)

Come one, come all and jump on the 2016 Otter Raft*

We are releasing this years pint club on April 15, right after you have finished your taxes. The cost of the club is $125 for new pint club members and $100 for 2015 members.

What do you get joining this Otterly delicious club?

  • Your own pint glass of course! This years glass is a 16 oz Odd Otter Double Insulated Hydro Flask. Every time you come into the bar we will serve your favorite Odd Otter beer in your personal pint glass. (No one else will get their paws on it.)
  • 25% off pints in the brewery as well as Odd Otter Merchandise.
  • Free entry into any special events Odd Otter hosts.

We hope you will hop on the raft. We have exciting things coming up this year and we would love for you to be a part of it.

*Why do we call it a raft? 10-100 Otters will create a “raft” by holding hands when they are resting on the water.


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