Otter Blogg!

Did someone say… Ottcho Borracho?!?!

Yes, yes we did! Cinco de Mayo is a day where all the funs shall be had here! Not only are we re-releasing the Ottcho, but we are also launching our 2018 Pint Club! Woot! The day is going to be packed with lotsa goodness.

Here’s a little breakdown of what’s in store for ya:

10am – Yoga + Beer
We are Tacoma’s original Yoga + Beer destination! Come join us for an hour of strong and bendy yoga followed by a pint of your choosing. Reserve online or pay at the door. $15 includes the beer!
1pm- Glassybaby Roadshow + Live Music by Angie Lynn
Mother’s Day is coming up and we think you should treat the Momma’s in your life with a little special somethin’ somethin’ from Seattle-based Glassybaby! 10% of sales with benefit the Pierce County YWCA
Can’t make the roadshow? No worries! Use the giving code ‘pcywca’ for FREE shipping and 10% of your order will go to the Pierce County YWCA! Drink some beer, do a little shopping… and all for a GREAT cause!
8-10pm Pint Club 2018 Fiesta with Dave Hannon and Angie Lynn
Angie Lynn is back with her bud, Dave Hannon, to bring you some super sweet jams! We love them and you will, too!

Did we mention Ottcho Borracho will be on tap? Yes, yes it will. Your favorite Mexican Lager will be pouring from our taps into your glass and you’re gonna love it. Haven’t had the Ottcho before? Well, this Otter loves to party! Imagine a cilantro-lime lager… and then picture that same lager with cilantro, lime, and some Serrano or jalapeno peppers. How ’bout that, boring average lager?!?

Cheers! See ya in the taproom!

Ps. If you’re not a member of Pint Club you should talk to the Beertenders to get the deets. Think super cool (literally) Hydroflask cup + 25% off… All. The. Time. On everything.

Kiddo Karaoke is ALL the rage at OOBC

Have you been to the brewery on the first Sunday of the month?  Say, around 12:30pm, when the tables are full and there are kids everywhere?  No?  Then you don’t know about Kiddo Karaoke!

After our Event Coordinator/Social Media Manager/Assistant Manager’s (she wears a few hats) daughter kept bugging her about singing at our Tuesday and Thursday Karaoke (9pm-1am), and she had to keep reminding her it was past her bedtime, she decided to try out this thing…  a karaoke just for kids.  And it worked.  Like, really worked.

For close to a year now we’ve hosted Kiddo Karaoke on the first Sunday of every month from 1-3pm.  The parents enjoy a pint or two while the kids pick their favorite songs to sing to.  We’ve seen kiddos as little as three and as old as teens.  Even the shy ones will participate after some encouragement from the crowd!

While we pride ourselves on creating tasty and unique craft brews for those 21+, we also love being a place where families can come to have fun.  We promise, even if the kids are hesitant to take the mic upon arrival, they’ll leave having sung quite a few of their favorites.  And the parentals will have enjoyed a couple tasty brews while cheering them on.

We hope to see you at our next Kiddo Karaoke, 2/7/2018 at 1pm!

As always…  #KeepItOdd

Yelp Elites take over OOBC

Yelp Elites took over OOBC and it was a blast!

This past Thursday, 12/14/17, we welcomed into the brewery 20+ Yelp Elite to sample our beers, learn a little about our brewing process, and also a little about the history of 716 Pacific Ave.  As we all know, the Yelp Elite are not the softest of critics.  We took a bit of a risk inviting the likes of the Elite folks into the brewery, especially as the first Yelp Elite event ever to happen in Tacoma!  But…  we were pretty confident in the product we serve, our amazing staff, and the Yelpers themselves.  And as far as we can tell all have been satisfied.

The Yelp staff, Mia and C. Hayley, put together greeting, candy bag making, and card making stations while the Odd Squad prepared tables of delectable delights put together by 3uilt.  Meats and cheeses and pickles and light bites to delight all palates!  While all of this was going on the Beertenders prepared a tasting for the Yelp Elite.  They started off with the Notteronsense IPA.  Whilst sipping this nicely balanced IPA they all got a tour of the back of the house and a little lesson on the brewing process by our head brewer, Greer Hubbard.  Followed by the IPA was our flagship Ottermelon Hefeweizen.  More talk about back of the house and then we moved on to a little about the history of the brewery, where we came from and where we are now.  How we like to incorporate tradition with a twist…  just like our Winterface Warmer Warmer, a favorite among the Elites.  We ended with the Comrade Otter’s Imperial Chocolate Stout, which Carolyn (co-manager/social media sensei) touts as the very best cupcake ingredient, EVER.  The patrons were so please with this brew that Greer tapped our very last, sacred 1/6bbl keg to share with the Yelpers.  Oh boy, were they blown away!

While sipping the 5oz pour of a very tasty, heavy brew, Carolyn took them up the mysterious spiral staircase for the grand finale.  A little lesson in the history of this Veteran owned and operated brewery in the heart of downtown Tacoma.  The Army insignia remains on the pillars of the ballroom of what was the African American USO.  The drywall dust that covers the old printing press.  The maps and pictures that used to adorn the walls.  The Yelpers in attendance were so appreciative of this historical tour of our little, precious space on 716 Pacific Avenue and we couldn’t be more proud to share it with them!

So, whether you love or loathe the Yelp community, one thing is for certain…  they are passionate about their interests and sharing that with others in the community.  We were happy with all the positive feedback and were super proud to be the first Yelp Elite location in Tacoma!  Cheers!