We all like food – it’s one of the most important things in life, we feel … aside from beer, of course!

We, Otters, are brewers, not chefs. We leave that to the professionals that we are lucky to have as neighbors!

There are many munchable options in the area. You are free to bring ANY food, whatever you like, into the tasting room with you when you visit. That’s right – you can bring a pizza, a sammich, caviar, a beautifully poached filet of the finest, and responsibly sustainable, fish with a lovely dill beure blanc and side of fingerling potatoes…or whatever!

The Forum – They’ve got some killer burgers and they’re about 150 feet away. And they will DELIVER it right to your face! Hot, delicious, noms.

Meconi’s– Across the street and offer a great selection of salads, subs (hot and cold), and made to order pizzas!

Abby’s on Broadway– Around the corner and up the hill two blocks, this fun wine bar/shop offers delicious eats made to order, mussels, pizza, and other delectable treats. Menu changes every day.

Abella Pizzeria – Free delivery for orders over $15! Hot subs, cold subs, pizzas, salads. Noms.

Domino’s Pizza – Directly across the street … but why walk over there when you can beer yourself and have them bring it to you, right?

North China Garden – Delivery for orders over $20, for those under $20 there’s a $2 delivery charge. Totally worth it.

You can also use this Yelp Delivery Page and talk with the businesses listed there to see if they can deliver you some vittles. Bear in mind that sometimes deliveries can be a bit traffic dependent, so give them a ring to see if they can get you foods!

Give the Matador a call and they’ll happily set you up with some killer take out. It’s right across the street – super close! Get some green chile – it’s UNREAL!

Delicious, delicious, delicious.