Benefit for Nepal Earthquake Victims

Tacoma heart NepalThis coming Thursday (April 30), we joined forces with Wingman Brewers, Tacoma Brewing, Narrows Brewing, and Pacific Brewing and Malting to donate 10% of our proceeds to efforts to respond to the catastrophe in Nepal.

We encourage you all to use the Tacoma Link Light Rail, to walk, to drive, or to bike to our breweries to share in the community and to give back with us.
Odd Otter exists to share amazing, innovative, delicious beer with the world, yes. But the greater purpose to our company is that we want to make the world a better, more liveable, less horrible place for people. We also encourage you to use your talents, skills, and abilities to give back as you are able to. Together, we can all accomplish more.
Please share this link to our event page with your friends on Facebook, and spend your beer dollars at the places listed in this post. Let’s flex our philanthropic muscles, Tacoma!