World Cup It Up

Congrats to the USA Men’s Soccer Team for everything they have done at the World Cup! Except for those last 20 seconds against Portugal, it has been pure joy. 

It’s soccer season. And whomever you support (of course, we’d love for everyone to support the Otter National Team, but they didn’t quite qualify for the tournament this year), you should support them with a beer in your hand. What are you going to put that beer in? Put it in your very own Odd Otter pint glass!

We are continuing to improve and to prepare the tasting room for all of you. You might have noticed our Back Bar is up thanks to help from our friends. If you’re in town, stop in and say hello! Look at some of our otter stuff, take a look at the space, and get your paws ready for some beer in August!

Go Team USA!

KickStarter T-Shirts: In!

At long last, the KickStarter t-shirts for which you’ve all been waiting (at least, all of you who ordered them when we ran our KickStarter campaign) are in! We apologize for the delay and that it wasn’t conveyed to all of you who ordered them as clearly as it could have been – we’ve learned, and we’re excited to get you all shirted up. 

Do they look good? Heck yes they look good. 

Do they make you cooler? Absolutely they make you cooler. 

How can you get your otter paws on your shirts? Arrange a time to pick yours up by contacting us via Facebook, email (, or by sending a carrier pigeon to 716 Pacific Ave. in Tacoma, WA. 

Can’t wait to see you all walking around in our clothes, drinking our beer, and being as odd as we are!

Summer Events A-Comin’

As we (and much of the rest of the country) are presently watching the US soccer team take on Ghana at the World Cup, we are also planning for upcoming events. 

If you’re in the Tacomaland area this summer, we’d love for you to come hang out, taste our beer, and have some fun at these local festivals:

July 13th: Art on the Ave
August 9th: Brew Five Three

We have already booked these two events, and we’re looking forward to adding some more in the next couple of months. Stay tuned. 

And go USA!