Yoga + Beer @ OOBC

Yoga + Beer is back and better than ever!  Our instructor, Elly Horn, of Yoga Palace in Tacoma is beyond amazing.  She began her own yoga journey at the age of 18.  She believes that yoga is healing and rehabilitative.  She also believes that you lose something in that space of practice while gaining a new lense in which to view yourself, your life, and the other sweaty folks you are surrounded by.  Her countdown from three is the slowest, but more rewarding, you’ll ever experience.  Although this is not Bikram yoga, you will sweat your buns off and reach for your water throughout the class.  Her voice and music are just what you need to get your Saturday started.

The beer, or cider, at the end of class is sooooo rewarding and hydrating!  We are so happy to have Elly with us every Saturday morning to get us breathing and flowing.

Classes are filling up fast so reserve early to ensure you’ve got a spot!

Something new, and a bit exciting to our Yoga + Beer, is our punch card!  We now have a punch card that rewards you for getting bendy and craft beer-y!  Yes!  For every sixth class you attend you will get a full pint of our tasty craft beer or guest cider!  What can we say?  We love yoga and day drinking.

Come get bendy and odd with us!

***WARNING***  You may be sore after yoga + beer…  and that’s ok.  That means it worked.




Are you ready for our 2nd Anniversary Party?!?!?!?


Well!  Isn’t that a beautiful vessel to hold the beers we make which you love?  Just think…  Ottermelon, Ottzel Quatzel, Screeching Otter, Oddtoberfest…  the possibilites are endless!

This amazing growler is coming to you in limited quantities for our second anniversary.  Yes, you heard that right.  We are only having 100 of these beauts produced!  What does that even mean?  Well, let us break it down for you:

-Only $75 (Pint Club members get 25% off!)

-Only 100 growlers are being produced

-first growler fill is FREE with purchase (low or high gravity…  cider…  FREE)

-Until 11/1 our KickStarter Backers/Pint Club Members have first stab at pre-orders!

-After 11/1 pre-order is open to everyone!

-All pre-orders must be done in the tasting room! Give our beertenders your moneys, names, and other contact infos and this beautiful growler is yours to keep or gift!

And not only is she pretty, but she’s also LOCAL!  Help us support and grow your local favorites!

Get ’em while the gettin’s good!



Mark your calendars!

There is a whole lotta fun stuff going on around here at OOBC!  We have some really exciting events coming right around the corner.

First up, on 9/28 the folks from Bloodworks Northwest will park their mobile blood unit in front of the brewery from 1-7pm.  Although they want donations of all blood types, they are currently running low on Type O (both positive and negative).  You can just stop by or sign up online at

For all your effort, every donor will receive a $5 voucher for Odd Otter Brewing Company AND a $5 for the Matador, good to use starting the following day.  Hey, why not grab take-out from Matador and come to OOBC on Thursday for…

The Tacoma Rangers Takeover!  That’s right, the Tacoma Rangers are taking over the tasting room on 9/29 starting at 6:30pm.  If you didn’t know who they are, the Rangers are our very own Hurling and Gaelic Football Club.  They are bringing with them the gals from Femme Fianna Roller Derby and That Irish Guy, who will be performing some Irish tunes for your listening enjoyment from 7:30-10pm.  Let’s all throw back some tasty craft beers and dance a little jig!


If that’s not enough, we’re releasing a brand new beer (our White Coffee Brown Ale) and we’ll be continuing our Thirsty Thursday Ladies’ Pint Night. All day and all night, ladies get Happy Hour pricing every Thursday. Thirsty Thursday has never been this fun!



We’ve got some catching up to do…

Greetings, Otters! What a summer! As usual, Washington is totally showing off her magnificence with all this amazing weather. This is one of the reasons we love it here so much. Another reason? Our great beer. Yes, we love our beer just as much as you do.

With the hustle and bustle of festival season upon us we missed posting on the blog about the exciting bottle release of our much beloved Ottermelon. Yes! Ottermelon is now sold in 22 ounce bottles. The bottles have been distributed to various bottle shops, in the north and south sound areas, as well as being sold in our very own tap room. Yes, fill your growlers and buy your bottles all in one place.

And finally, the Odd Squad is changing things up. Our beloved General Manager, Sarah Bentley, and our beertender and social media/marketing guru, Jessica are moving on. We’ve loved having them on board with us, and wish them great success in their future endeavors. Moving up in the Raft are Eric Winniewicz, now General Manager, and Christopher Leclerc, Assistant General Manager. Stop by to congratulate Eric and Christopher on their advances in our family! We know they will do great things here at Odd Otter!

And finally, our brewers are working super hard to bring new and exciting beers to you. We have recently launched Hoppy Floppy white IPA, Good Day Saaz Shine Pilsner, Benedict Cucumberbatch Pale Ale, and the Hurluberlu Saison. Come in and give them a try… you’re gonna love them!

We hope to see you all soon!

Orlando Relief Effort Continues

orlando benefitFirst and foremost we would like to thank everyone who came out to our Orlando relief benefit last Thursday. It is because of your support we were able to raise a total of $616.28. On top of the total dollars raised, Odd Otter is contributing an additional $555.09, bringing a total of $1171.37 to be sent to the Planting Peace organization.

We are going to continue rasing money for the organization through the taproom until July 9th. Next time you visit us be sure to look for the Orlando relief jar and help us to continue to show support to those who are in need.

If you would like to electronically donate please follow the link to the Planting Peace page at

Thank you Tacoma for being so supportive and a great example of how we can all come together to show our support.

Otter Raft 2016 (Pint Club)

Come one, come all and jump on the 2016 Otter Raft*

We are releasing this years pint club on April 15, right after you have finished your taxes. The cost of the club is $125 for new pint club members and $100 for 2015 members.

What do you get joining this Otterly delicious club?

  • Your own pint glass of course! This years glass is a 16 oz Odd Otter Double Insulated Hydro Flask. Every time you come into the bar we will serve your favorite Odd Otter beer in your personal pint glass. (No one else will get their paws on it.)
  • 25% off pints in the brewery as well as Odd Otter Merchandise.
  • Free entry into any special events Odd Otter hosts.

We hope you will hop on the raft. We have exciting things coming up this year and we would love for you to be a part of it.

*Why do we call it a raft? 10-100 Otters will create a “raft” by holding hands when they are resting on the water.


2015 Best of Western Washington Brewpub

Yipppeeee and Wahoo!!!! The results are in and we are the proud winners of 2015 Best of Western Washington Brewpub.

Voters chose Odd Otter in King 5’s annual contest from a crowded field that included 115 breweries, bringing some well-deserved recognition to the Tacoma craft beer community.

We want to thank everyone who has supported us by visiting the brewery, voting in the contest and supporting the Tacoma community.

“We are thrilled and humbled to have been nominated for this award. We love being a part of our local community here in Tacoma, and we are excited to be able to contribute to the most vibrant craft beer community in the country. Being voted the Best Brewpub of Western Washington is a deep honor for us – we owe all of our success to the people who have supported us during our first year in existence. We have a lot planned for our second year. We’re eager to continue to share our delightfully odd beer and our love of community with all who wish to keep it odd with us.” – John Hotchkiss, Co-Founder

To celebrate our first birthday, Head Brewer Owen McGrane released a trio of Blind Otter barley wines fermented in Bourbon, Cognac, and Port casks. Don’t miss these, they are unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere. And when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Keep your eyes peeled for our December releases; Winterface, our Holiday Ale, brewed with juniper, lavender, cucumber and orange, and for our first ever black lager, yet to be named.

New Coconut Chai Tea Blend

Owen, our Head Brewer, spent the day with Tobin Ropes, co-owner of Mad Hat Tea Company in Tacoma designing a new amazing coconut chai blend for our Coconut Chai Porter. Compared to our previous tea the new blend presents more coconut, cardamom, and cinnamon aromas and flavors compared to our previous tea.



We will be brewing it on Friday and expect it to be ready in two weeks. For those who can’t wait to sample the tea, he has it available in Mad Hat Tea room.IMG_1147

The Miller’s Wife and Food Trucks

Miller's Tale

Robin the Miller The Canterbury Tales Remember from High School or College Very, Very, Very Tedious

Hello, blogosphere! We know, you’ve missed us. What with our massive following, and our enthusiastically-commenting fan base, we don’t know how we’ve managed for this long without posting. 😉

Things have been nutso. We had a food truck – the FIRST on Pacific Avenue – come out and visit us each of the last two weekends. VietNomNom makes a killer banh mi sammiches and brilliant egg rolls. And the Vietnamese coffee? Holy crap – don’t even get us STARTED on those …

Anyhow, the next time you see them around (which is this coming Friday for our NEW BEER RELEASE: The Miller’s Wife) their truck will be whisper quiet. In the interest of keeping PacAve and SchuPac (a better designator for our area) nice and pleasant, we’re eschewing the generator. So you’ll be able to hear pins drop on the street, the music we will be playing, or perhaps the bubbling of our Brite tank all whilst eating some insanely good rice bowls. 🙂

That’s right, new beer time. This is a Braggot. We wanted to reach back into the history books and to find a name that would properly reference both its history – Geoffrey Chaucer expounded on the virtues of Braggot in his hit Medieval literary work The Canterbury Tales – and that would hint at its complex smokiness, draped over hints of cherry, resting on a background of malt and honey. Hence: The Miller’s Wife.**

Thank you all for reading! Below is a disclaimer/clarification regarding the Braggot’s name, as it is a bit more complex than related above. It is a bit dry, the subsequent writing. So if you don’t read it, that’s alright. Just get in and try some of The Miller’s Wife before shuffling your pint glasses off to the Ottermelon Hefeweizen – she’s positively Medieval. 🙂

**Of note, The Miller’s Tale in Mr. Chaucer’s work does not in fact include either a Miller or a Miller’s wife; rather, his Tale relates the story of one Alisoun: the lovely wife of a Carpenter who is both unrestrained in her passions and who is hotly desired by a slew of her fellow villagers. The Miller’s Wife sounds decidedly better than The Carpenter’s Wife, which suggests reference to the Lewis Carroll poem “The Walrus and the Carpenter” … be a little flexible with us here! How many people will even recognize this reference, let alone read this whole nerdly exposition?


Vietnomnom: coming to Odd Otter’s Tasting Room this Friday, May 29th! 6pm-10pm. Get your Vietnamese food truck fix and come in to have some delicious Odd Otter Beers!

We. Cannot. Wait.

And don’t forget about other things happening soon: Thursday, May 28th we have a Brewer’s Night at the Urban Timber location in Kent, and next Thursday, June 4th we are participating in Washington Wild‘s Brewshed Alliance Beer Festival , and we’re having Dylan Yuste performing live and in person at the Tasting Room next Thursday from 8pm-10pm – and it’s free to come in!

Stick with us, kids. You’ll have the funs. 🙂