Releasing the Blonde Otter + Maddy Dullum + DJ Pablo EscoBEER Karaoke + Ladies Pint Night = Good times!

Maddy Dullum

It’s been a while since we’ve caught up on the old Otter Blogg!  Well, we are back at it with lots of fun stuff planned…  in the tasting room and off-site!

First up though…

2/9/2017- Mark those calendars!

So much awesomeness in one night!  Please join us for the releasing of our latest craft beer creation, the Blonde Otter!  This beer is deep golden in color, moderately hopped with Cascade and Willamette hops.  It is well balanced with a good malt backbone…  and quite frankly, easy drinking!  Who doesn’t love an easy drinking beer?!?

From 7-9pm we will enjoy the beautiful sounds of Maddy Dullum.  She’s a talented singer/songwriter from Gig Harbor and we are so excited for her to play for you!

As with every Thirsty Thursday, we have our very own DJ Pablo EscoBeer bringing down the house with some super fun karaoke shenanigans!

No cover charge!

You bring your friends and we’ll provide the craft beer!

Ottermelon Hefeweizen

Sunshine in a glass! We (strongly) suggest that you use it to ravenously chug away the gray during our rainy seasons, and that you devour every bit of sunlight you can get your paws on during our two months of summer. This beer just may change your life …

Winterface Holiday Ale

It’s herbal. It’s savory. It’s the beer equivalent of a leg of lamb or a sage-rubbed pork medallion marinated in heavenly awesomeness. Nothing about this beer is like any beer you’ve ever had: the juniper, lavender, orange and lemon zest, and cucumber yield a wholly unique flavor experience.

Strawberry Blonde

Some strawberry beers smack you in the face with a strawberry. They just slap you. Right in the face. Rudely.

We aren’t that crass. We use our Blonde Ale as a base, and we go wild from there. Our Strawberry Blonde has the scent and flavor you expect without overloading you with greens and seeds shooting from your eyes. We use an extract of real, live strawberries without none of that there fake stuffs. Get some strawberries on your nose and bury your face in this!

Screeching Otter Double IPA

Do you like hops? Yes, yes you do. Do you LOVE hops? Of course! So go ahead – plunge into our 151+ IBU Screeching Otter Imperial (aka Double) IPA headlong and get lost in the hoppy insanity.

Ottzel Quatzel Pale Ale

You’ve never had anything like this pale ale before. We incorporate Peruvian Blue Corn as an adjunct and brew one of the biggest, richest and most unique pale ales on the planet. The Ottzel Quatzel became one of our most popular beers in a very short period of time… come find out why!

Luck O’ the Otter Stout

It’s dark, it’s mildly chocolaty, and it’s deliciously, Irishly dry. Irishly is not a word, we know. Don’t judge us. This stuff will have you thrilled that you chased down your Lucky Charms, hands down.

Momma Otter’s Pancake Porter

Drink your breakfast: made with real Vermont maple syrup (no fake stuff), lots of love, and a hankering for a side of bacon. Drinking first thing in the morning has never been so justifiable. Good morning, your mouth.

Jolly Otter ESB

Malty, hoppy, English-style Extra Special Bitter (ESB) – straight down the middle of the style – that is certain to shiver yer timbers. Arrr.

Kentucky River Otter

Grew up inside a bourbon barrel, lost during the Prohibition Era. Has a slightly sour temperament and somehow just feels like Kentucky. We’re hoping he’ll find his way home again soon.