It truly saddens us to write this post. But we need your help.  You see, last weekend after Taste of Tacoma securely locked down, someone took our beloved otter canvas. That particular banner was an original piece of art created by our Otter Artist, Amy Constantineau. Her beautiful works are displayed throughout the brewery, including a mural in the mural bathroom, as well as for sale in the Otter Shop. This particular piece was created for us to take to the 2015 Great American Beer Festival in Denver, CO when we weren’t even established for an entire year. We’ve proudly displayed that canvas at many, many festivals since and are truly saddened by its disappearance.  We really aren’t asking much…  just the safe return of our otter art. We will give $100 cash and a $50 gift card to the brewery for its safe and unblemished return. We don’t even care if you return it anonymously. We’d just like this piece of our history returned. Thank you.