Fun. Odd. Unique. Beer.

Creativity can be delicious. Creativity can be a little different. And creativity can be freaking fun. Come give us a sip and see which of our quirky or more standard beers strikes your fancy. You can always find our beers on draft in our tasting room, and as we expand, they will be served at other establishments in the Puget Sound area and beyond.

We know that sometimes a pint is too much. We know that sometimes you want to get a whole bunch of little wee glasses to taste your way around the menu without floating away. All of our beers are available in 5oz, 10oz, or 16oz formats. And yes, all the glassware is available for purchase.


Screeching Otter (Imperial IPA): 9.2% ABV
Do you like hops? Yes, yes you do. Do you LOVE hops? You’re in Washington – of course you do! In our effort to fuel the West Coast’s desire for ever more hops we emulated the Imperial IPA style brewed by some of our heroes. We used every hoppy trick in the book to grab those IBUs while giving you a malty backbone to balance things out. Get. You. Some.

Momma Otter’s Pancake Porter: 8.0% ABV
Drink your breakfast: our robust porter will warm you up from the inside out, and it’s pretty awesome with ice cream. We use real Vermont maple syrup and lots of love. Drinking first thing in the morning has never been better; good morning, your mouth.

Scotchy McOtterpants (Scotch Ale): 9.5% ABV
If Sean Connery were a beer, he’d be Scotchy McOtterpants. I guess he’d also have to be a pair of pants, but that’s beside the point. The smokiness comes from cherry wood smoked malt. The plaid and yeast come from Edinburgh, Scotland. The strength and darkness come from Mr. Connery. We’ll take “Anal Bum Cover” for $400.

Otterhoff Doppelbock: 7.5% ABV
Doppelbock: strong, dark German lagers traditionally brewed by monks during Lent. Monks drank heavily during fasting for sustenance. Ours is exceptionally malty, with very low bitterness and a clean, Hasselhoffy finish. It will warm your heart and cleanse your body and soul.

Kentucky River Otter (KCA): 7.0% ABV
Our Kentucky River Otter hails from a pre-prohibition beer style that has long been forgotten: the Kentucky Common Ale. Our KCA starts with a sour mash and incorporates rye and corn along with the barley. The Kentucky River Otter matures in oak casks used to age bourbon – this is a beer that you won’t find anywhere else. Bourbon drinkers of the world: Unite!

Redheaded Sea Otter (Imperial Red): 11.3% ABV
Welcome, Imperial Red. This malty, hoppy, high-potency beer is untamed. We’re push limits, which makes it just as wild as you are: pretty damned wild.

Coconut Chai Porter: 7.2% ABV
This is groundbreaking. We infuse a hefty porter with real coconut chai tea bags. It’s unlike any porter that you’ve ever had, and will change the way you think about dark beers. And that’s precisely why we are here.

Poppa Otter’s Bacon Breakfast (Stout): 11.2% ABV
Momma Otter’s soulmate showed up on Valentine’s Day and has stuck around for the springtime. Our Imperial Oatmeal Stout contains delicious Candi Bacon. He’s rough around the edges, but as he warms up to you, you’ll warm up to him too. Just like an otter. J

Comrade Otter (Imperial Chocolate Stout): 11.7% ABV
Comrade Otter lives up to everything that you could want him to be. Let the Comrade’s Costa Rican and Belizean cocoa nib arms embrace you. Slip into the darkness with hints of cinnamon and cayenne. Chocolate milk has officially evolved.

Big Burley (Barleywine): 10.6% ABV
Our barleywine is based on an English style with British malts, hops and yeast. The balance of malts make this a dangerous one – you won’t notice the alcohol that’s packed in there. Big Burley is awesome, deliciously powerful, and guaranteed to put hair on your chest. Not really though. Seriously, you should know that you can’t drink beer to put hair on your chest. Seriously.

Bacchus Blonde: 8.4% ABV
Why on earth would we name a beer after the Greek god of wine and debauchery, you ask? We ferment our Blonde Ale in a pinot noir cask with a generous helping of pinot noir grape juice. We age it for 6 months in those casks, and you get a deep purple beer that is both fruity and tart. The foam is lavender! How wild is that!!? If you love wine, this is your beer.


Notteronsense (IPA): 7.4% ABV
Our flagship IPA references our Head Brewer’s East Coast origins: a complex malt build + vibrant hoppiness = a nicely balanced IPA. Don’t get us wrong, this beer is hop forward; we just don’t try to kill your face with hops. Try it. You’ll be coming back for more.

Ottzel Quatzel (Pale Ale): 5.1% ABV
You’ve been waiting for this one, you just didn’t know it. We adapted an old Peruvian purple corn beer recipe, added a new few twists including leaving out the human saliva. Or did we? Well, it won’t matter either way because you’ll love it. We’re bringing something from the Old World to our new brewery. Ottzel Quatzel!!!

Strawberry Nomnom (Blonde): 4.9% ABV
Some strawberry beers smack you in the face with a strawberry. We aren’t that rude. Ours has the scent and flavor you expect without overloading you with greens and seeds shooting from your eyes. We use an extract of real, live strawberries without none of that fake stuff. Get some strawberries on your nose and bury your face in this!

The Son of Otter (Belgian Blonde): 6.0% ABV
The Son is tip of the hat to Belgian surrealist painter Rene’ Magritte and his iconic self-portrait. Our Belgian blonde is both delicious and thought-provoking, not unlike its namesake painting The Son of Man. The Son of Otter comes bearing gifts of pear, spice, and (of course) apple. It’s the awesome sauce. Noms. 

Ottcho Borracho (Lager): 6.0% ABV
This otter’s name is Ottcho, and he/she/him/her likes to party. Imagine being on a beach with an awesome cilantro-lime lager beer; that beer that you’re thinking of is Ottcho Borracho. Otters in sombreros have never been more hip.

Classic Nonsense (IPA): 7.4% ABV
Here’s a fun thing to do: compare the Classic Nonsense with the Notteronsense, and ask your beertender to chat through the difference. It’s 50% off till it’s gone, and it’s never coming back!

Jolly Otter ESB: 5.5% ABV
John Paul Jones or Horatio Nelson would grab this beer from you and swill with abandon. It’s the perfect cacophony of some hop, some malt, a sniff of sea salt in your nostrils and the smooth deck beneath your scalawag feet. Spicy, woodsy, just a bit wild. Henry VIII probably dragged a tankard of this with him while hunting wild boar and new wives in the English forests of yesteryear.

Ottermelon Hefeweizen: 5.0% ABV
This is sunshine in a glass. We (strongly) suggest that you use it to ravenously chug away the gray during our rainy seasons, and devour every bit of sunlight that you can during our two months of summer.

Stuff Dutch People Like (OSB): 5.5% ABV
We threw out the rule book with this one and introduce you to our new beer style: the Oddly Special Belgian. The best parts of an English ESB (yummy malty goodness with a balanced hop profile) cross with a fruity, spicy Belgian. And who better to name it after then the Dutch, a people geographically between the Belgians and the Brits. Soon to be named the Netherlands’ national drink!

Luck O’the Otter (Irish Stout): 5.0% ABV
It’s dark, it’s mildly chocolaty and coffee-y (yes, it’s a word). It’s deliciously, Irishly dry. Irishly is NOT a word. Don’t judge us. This stuff will have you thrilled that you chased down your Lucky Charms. We promise.

Cozy Camper (Amber): 5.5% ABV
Eminently approachable, with just a bit more hop than most ambers possess. New to craft beer? This just might be the beer for you! Craft beer old hat to you? Then you just might like it too.

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