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St. Patty’s Day: Flight Club, Pint Club

2-for-1 Luck O’the Otter Pints. Now to the good stuff: Beginning St. Patty’s Day 2015 and lasting until St. Patty’s Day 2016 … Pint Club. Own your own engraved pint glass that lives at Odd Otter Brewing Company. It’s yours: you are the only person who will drink from it. Guaranteed. And you’ll get 20% […]

Hashtag Wars! Win a $25 gift card!

Enter to win a $25 gift card in our Twitter ‪#‎hashtagwars‬! This month’s contest – ‪#‎otteramoviequote‬! Tweet your answer and use the hashtags ‪#‎oddotterbrewing‬ and #otteramoviequote Examples might include: “Momma Otter always told me – life is like a box of chocolates…” or “I’ve had it with these m*****g otters on this m*****g plane”! Best […]

Luck O’the Otter Birthday Stout!

Happy Birthday, Owen McGrane! No, no no, not OUR Owen McGrane – Founder and Head Brewer extraordinaire, but his Irish doppelganger counterpart Owen McGrane. In honor of Owen’s birthday, we’re discounting our Irish Stout 25% all day long.  All. Day. Long.  Come in and celebrate with us! And remember, from open at 11am until 6:30pm […]

Super Bowl Ottertasticness

The beloved Seattle Seahawks have done it again! Russell Wilson is a magician, and the Patriots had better have some pretty magical deflated footballs if they hope to hang with our Hawks next weekend.  Come watch the game at The Otter! We’ll have pizza (while it lasts), drink discounts, and lots and lots of 12th […]

So Much New

Holy cow, OtterFans. Holy. Cow.  So much new stuff has happened. Let’s see …  We are now open 4 days a week! But you already know that if you’re reading this … Th-Sun 11am-2am. Get you some.  This Thursday is our inaugural Happiest Hour from 4pm-6:39pm on Thursdays and Fridays from now on. That’s right […]

Fooding in the Tasting Room

Man oh man, do we have some useful information for you!  Do you want to eat foods while you drink beers here at Odd Otter? I bet you do! And this page right here: Eating the Otter will lead you to some edibles that you can munch on when you’re not drinking our beeros. Any and […]

Seahawks and Otters: A Match Made in Mayhem

Dear everyone who loves the Seattle Seahawks: we have heard you. You are all very, very loud. You are a rambunctious group, you 12th Men. And we are just as thrilled as you are to see the Hawks picking up their game late in the season.  We’ve just installed a television, and we are aiming […]

A little water and a little air …

Let’s be frank: we’re pretty busy.  We’ve built tables out of reclaimed wood we found in the space during our demolition. They’re amazing. Come visit and see them. Our designer Kristina even freehand Dremeled (not a word) into the tables otters in various states of movement. They are incredible. She’s a phenomenal designer, and we’re […]