6 Days a Week, Flight Club Update

That’s right.

We are open now EVERY TUESDAY – SUNDAY! Weekdays 2p-2a, Saturday & Sunday 11a-2a.

Get in on the ground floor of something awesome:

Flight Club.
The first rule of Flight Club is: you don’t talk about Flight Club.
The second rule of Flight Club is: you always Tweet about Flight Club.
We’ve updated the deal, and it’s better for you. Get your first flight free. Get $1 $2 off every flight of 6 tasters that you get for an entire year. We’ll label your paddle (which lives at the brewery) with your Twitter handle +/- your name. When another customer gets a flight with your paddle, we will offer THEM a $1 discount if they take a photo of themselves with YOUR paddle, and Tweet it to @oddotterbrewing and to your Twitter handle. It’s the only club that gives other people discounts for your own awesomeness. Cost: $50.

Pint Club.

Own your own engraved pint glass that lives at Odd Otter Brewing Company. It’s yours: you are the only person who will drink from it. Guaranteed. And you’ll get 20% (yes, 20%!!) off each pint of our beer that you buy. That means that ever 5th beer is free …. You’ll also get a year-long merchandise discount of 15%. Cost: $100.

First come, first served. #KeepItOdd with us!

Oh, and starting next Tuesday night from 9p-1a: Free. Karaoke. Heck. Yes.

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