So Much New

Holy cow, OtterFans. Holy. Cow. 

So much new stuff has happened. Let’s see … 

We are now open 4 days a week! But you already know that if you’re reading this … Th-Sun 11am-2am. Get you some. 

This Thursday is our inaugural Happiest Hour from 4pm-6:39pm on Thursdays and Fridays from now on. That’s right – discounted Odd Otter beer. What could be happier?!

We had our first lost and found item left, which we successfully reunited with its owner. It was a small valise. If you don’t know what a valise is, it is something akin to a small briefcase. 

The first of many seasonal beers – Winterface – made its debut at our New Year’s Eve party. So very herbal and savory! It’s brewed with juniper (!!!), lavender (!!!!), orange and lemon zest (!!), and cucumber (!!!!!). I think it hints at a gin-beer flavor profile mashup, but that’s just me. 

We also had our first forgotten credit card! Very exciting. The following day we returned the orphaned plastic to its rightful parents at a gas station in Fife. 🙂 

Finally, we had our first maliciously composed Yelp review. It was unfortunate that someone came in so intent upon having a miserable time. We love our patrons, we love our beer, and we love our community. If you support what we are doing here in Tacoma, please feel free to write up how you feel on Yelp. We’re a new business and would very much appreciate the love. 🙂 

We’ll see you soon!