Onward, Upward

Dear OtterFans: 

It’s been a while. We know, we know. The three of you (are there three?) who read these posts are clamoring for more. 

We know. 

We’ve heard you. 

And we know. 

So what have we been up to? Let’s see: 

– Brew Five Three: We were the newest of the #WAbeer craft breweries at Tacoma’s own beer festival, and we were thrilled that we received such a warm welcome! It was the most fun we’ve had since we’ve started this project, and we appreciate all the love and the attention you gave us. 

– Equipment Update: Our glycol chiller (maintains the developing beerlets in the fermenters at the proper temperature so that the beer can become beer) has arrive, and we’re waiting for a sunny day so that we can put it on the roof. We’ve also received all of the heating coils for our big boy electric brewing system and we’re getting ready to take her for a test drive. Whee!

– Buildout Update: We very nearly have our second bathroom! We have also been busily framing, drywalling, and painting so that the place will be livable for those of you who intend to live here. 🙂 

– Merchandise Update: Brew Five Three cleaned us out! We’re waiting on a shipment of Momma Otter’s Pancake Porter t-shirts, which are the coolest threads you’ll see anywhere when they finally arrive. We can’t wait. 🙂 

We have a lot of work to do, but we have great people on our team, and we’re working very, VERY, VERY hard to get things done as quickly as we can. 

When can you come in for a beer? We’re hoping mid-September. We’ll keep you posted. Track us on Facebook, Like us, and get ready for some otter nonsense.