World Cup It Up

Congrats to the USA Men’s Soccer Team for everything they have done at the World Cup! Except for those last 20 seconds against Portugal, it has been pure joy. 

It’s soccer season. And whomever you support (of course, we’d love for everyone to support the Otter National Team, but they didn’t quite qualify for the tournament this year), you should support them with a beer in your hand. What are you going to put that beer in? Put it in your very own Odd Otter pint glass!

We are continuing to improve and to prepare the tasting room for all of you. You might have noticed our Back Bar is up thanks to help from our friends. If you’re in town, stop in and say hello! Look at some of our otter stuff, take a look at the space, and get your paws ready for some beer in August!

Go Team USA!