KickStarter T-Shirts: In!

At long last, the KickStarter t-shirts for which you’ve all been waiting (at least, all of you who ordered them when we ran our KickStarter campaign) are in! We apologize for the delay and that it wasn’t conveyed to all of you who ordered them as clearly as it could have been – we’ve learned, and we’re excited to get you all shirted up. 

Do they look good? Heck yes they look good. 

Do they make you cooler? Absolutely they make you cooler. 

How can you get your otter paws on your shirts? Arrange a time to pick yours up by contacting us via Facebook, email (, or by sending a carrier pigeon to 716 Pacific Ave. in Tacoma, WA. 

Can’t wait to see you all walking around in our clothes, drinking our beer, and being as odd as we are!